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Background Checks


 How many times we have heard, "I wish we had known about that information before..."
                                                      -before they hired him, rented to him, started dating him, or entered into a business relationship with him (or her)...

An ounce of prevention, to be sure, is worth not a pound of cure, but a ton of it when it comes to important business and personal decisions. Something as simple as a bad tenant can temporarily make your life a nightmare and cost thousands of uncollectable dollars, all because of not spending even a hundred dollars or so taking a real look at his paper trail.

Multiply that exponentially when you are talking about an employee, business partner, or even boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse.

What do WE do??? Yes there are databases that only law enforcement, attorneys, licensed private investigators can access. And while some info, such as a criminal convictions record, may be clear in its meaning, -with other data it takes a trained eye to see exactly what it is indicated by each address, business relationship, etc.

AND, while there are companies, mainly aimed at employers just trying to cover their butts, who will do a "criminal check" quick and cheap, what you are usually getting is a county-wide check for felony convictions in the county or state where the person is being hired. An address history on the subject is never even considered. Maybe they have lived in NJ for example for the past few years, and you get a nice recommendation from their last employer....  but an address history shows they lived in Florida and California for ten years before that. A subsequent check in those jurisdictions shows two drug convictions, a DUI, and three civil suits from car accidents.
Not only does being thorough with records mean real diligence; ---when it means enough to a client,- interviews, site-visits, contact with former landlords, ex-wives, etc will really shine the light in any closet.

An ounce of prevention....

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